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The critical situations,
they always have an exit in front of your nostril


The unstoppable growth of the price of the housing, the increase of the quotas in the mortgage and the maintenance of the consumption in high valuations they have taken to the limit the aptitude of many families to support his monthly economic expenses. Every time it is more frequent that the saving of the Spanish families is not sufficient to amortize his debts.

Also, the professional or small businessmen have difficulties to face to his financial commitments and, in excessive occasions, they suffer from absence of liquidity to satisfy imminent and very necessary payments to develop his activity.

Therefore, these so frequent situations today are incrementanto the indebtedness of progressive form, with the risks and damages that it bears. The temporary slowness situations must be tackled as soon as possible, since once inside the files of credit insolvency like ASNEF or RAI it is very difficult to go out without help.

In we offer you diverse solutions to overcome these and other obstacles and power to improve your personal or professional quality of life.

In effect, all the situations are not capable of being solved, but there always exists some new option that it is necessary to contemplate before throwing the towel.

  • if you have problems of indebtedness
  • if you need liquidity
  • if you have need to return to the bank circuit
  • if you must appraise a building

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