Service to the Defendant

 It is necessary to fight
therefore so much it was difficult to you to obtain


If you are in an extreme economic situation, up to the end of which across a judicial auction you can lose the real estate patrimony, as it is your familiar house or any other property farm, you are still on time of supporting what so much it was difficult to you to obtain or, at least, to try it.

In we have different solutions to allow to save or recover the patrimony. Logically, every situation needs a measurement adapted to your particular circumstances, but in general terms our services center on the following performances:

  • Repurchase of the farm.
  • Sanitation of all the economic charges.
  • Exit of the records or lists of bad debts, like ASNEF or RAI.
  • Facility to acquire the farm again.

And all this, with the maximum legal guarantees.

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