If you invest for interest,
this is the best decision


Before the suspense of the current economic situation, characterized by a sector of the construction in clear recession, a few excessive fluctuations in the stock-exchange indexes and an increase of the cost of the life over the due expectations, every time it is more difficult to decide where to place our money to obtain high profitability.

Today, the best option for the investor consists of gaining access to buys proceeding from judicial public auctions, since it is an alternative of high profitability, sure and without risks. His distinguishing value takes root in two basic principles:

  • buy of a building, that is to say, a Hereditary Good, and

  • notarial guarantee, that is to say, Safety.

The access to buy of real estate across auctions is a market where it is still possible to manage to promote of very lucrative form your economic capital, since sufficient margin exists to compensate appropriately the imponderable ones of the global economy quoted previously.

In the judicial auctions only you need to invest your capital, we are in charge of managing and proceeding with the buys always formalized by means of notarial document, with entire information and maximum transparence during the whole process.

Finally, you invest your money with all the juridical and notarial guarantees and obtain the maxim profitability in a reasonable term. Without much ado.

These are your advantages:

  • We will study together your investment proposals
  • it will be adapted to your requisites
  • More than 20 years of experience


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